Outsourcing Your Accounting

The entire accounting function of your business can be outsourced. We can do all transaction processing, accounting, cheque preparation, payroll, and filing off-site.

Here is how it works: we pick up vendor invoices, deposit reports, and other source documents from your office on a regular basis. We process your transactions in an accounting database and prepare cheques to pay your vendors. We deliver cheques to your office for signature and mailing.

Janet Southam Consulting Inc. prepares financial reports on a monthly basis. We meet with you regularly to discuss your financial statements and any business issues that arise.

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

  • Cost savings are realized due to the increased flexibility: you only use services as needed.
  • The fixed cost of the accounting function becomes variable. Fees will vary with the level of business activity.
  • It allows you access to professional finance and management services at a fraction of the the cost of salaried employees.
  • Reduced year-end fees result, as accounting records are always up to date and accurate.
  • Tax planning opportunities are available as income can be projected prior to fiscal year end.
  • Cash flow management ensures that the company will meet its financial obligations; or if there is a cash flow issue, the business owner is aware of it long before the consequences are felt.
  • Government remittances are made on time and accounting records are in order ensuring compliance with government regulations.
  • Increased profitability due to timely financial reports and analysis.
  • Lower investment in equipment and administrative costs (computers, software, desks, office space, and personnel).

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