Janet Southam Consulting Inc. has been providing financial and management accounting services since 1999. Working with management and accounting professionals with extensive experience will ensure your business is run efficiently and effectively. This allows you to focus on the core aspect of your business, providing exceptional services and products, rather than on accounting and administrative functions.


Janet Southam, Certified Management Accountant

Janet, in addition to being a CPA, CMA, also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan. Janet has focused her efforts on the health care sector and has extensive experience in clinic management and financial stewardship. She has successfully implemented initiatives to enhance the profitability of the clients she works with, from employee incentive programs to operations analysis for strategic decision-making. Janet enjoys working with people and helping them to achieve their financial goals.

Jing Liu, B. Acc., Tianjing Commerce University

Jing has been a loyal employee since 2005. Her area of expertise is in bookkeeping, focusing primarily on doctors’ businesses. In addition to the day-to-day accounting she performs, she is also responsible for training all new employees. Jing looks forward to working more years with our amazing team!

Heather Liu, Diploma in Financial Management, BCIT

Heather has been working at Janet Southam Consulting Inc. since spring 2011. Prior to this, she graduated from BCIT with a diploma in Financial Management and has gained great experience and problem solving skills in accounting over the years.

Remi Leong Sit, B. Sc., UBC - DAP

Remi was born and raised on the island of Mauritius, Indian Ocean. After immigrating to Canada in 2005, he entered the Science program at the University of British Columbia and obtained a B.Sc. in Cell Biology and Genetics in 2009. He then went into the graduate program at UBC and received his Diploma in Accounting in 2010. Since then, he has been working in the accounting and bookkeeping industry. In 2015, he joined the wonderful team at Janet Southam Consulting Inc.

In his spare time, Remi loves to go out and make new friends, discover new restaurants and play board games.

Tommy Endozo

Tommy moved to Vancouver from the Philippines in 2012. He studied Accounting and Payroll Administration and graduated with honors at CDI College in 2015. Following this, he become gainfully employed at Janet Southam Consulting Inc. as a bookkeeper.

Passionate about nature and beauty, the move to Vancouver was a fit. In his free time, Tommy loves to keep his body moving – may it be hiking in the summer, or lifting weights inside the gym.